Behind the scenes #1 – Unique ring collection with recycled objects

mechanical rings

Valve stems are not only for your car. I will explain you how I upcycled these pieces.

It all started when my father gave me a bag of valve stems used for car’s motors in order to create a sculpture for a project during my art studies when I was about 17. After this project I didn’t  know what to do with these strange pieces. One day I created a keyring just to play …

Years later, when I started to design jewellery, I came across this bag of strange valves stems and got inspired. They came in different sizes and colours. The unique collection called “Mechanical rings” was born with 6 ethnic style designs with a steampunk edge. The rings are handmade in silver using techniques such as engraving and some wood inlays. Various gemstones are set in the center of the rubber piece…. These timeless designs can be interpreted in many different ways and are meant to interact with the imagination of anyone wearing it or looking at it.

Discover the collection : 

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