Gouache Paintings

2020 Miniature Explorations

This year’s rhythm has changed, slower or faster, a rather chaotic tempo… As a result, emotions have also been shaken up. As time slowed down I decided to combine my two passions in a slightly different way and explored new possibilities, turning my drawings into jewel-like illustrations. One painting translating one feeling or emotion, travelling through 2020 one picture at a time… Treating each illustration like a potential jewel,I have been learning how to reproduce new materials and gemstones in each new miniature painting with gouache and the thinnest brushes.  Each illustration comes alive in a 20sec animation.

Gouache is a technique of painting with opaque watercolour. It has a special place within the jewellery industry as it has been used for centuries by jewellery designers where the traditional artistry and fine jewellery design meet. Also known as ‘rendering,’ this art form reflects the artistic vision of a designer and serves as a guideline for the craftsmen who physically create the jewels.

Discover the illustrations coming to life in 20sec animations on my YouTube Channel.

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In my sketchbooks #3 GOUACHE

These days my drawing desk is filled with miniature gouache paintings, jewellery renderings. Some paintings are imaginary pieces that will probably never come to life, some are projects for @imaginarium atelier. It’s way to develop the rough pencil drawings scattered in my sketchbooks.

I feel lucky to still have access to my jewellery bench and being able to carry on working on a few commissions. Back home, I felt the need to go back to one of my unfinished projects. I decided to dig for those jewellery rendering sketchbook and keep creating. This project is kind of meditative because it requires all my attention.

It’s a nice challenge to try and reproduce the materials I work with at my jewellery bench. But mostly, it’s a way to dream bigger and open designs possibilities without the constraint of time and cost of material. All I need is a few sheets of grey or black paper, a dozen of gouache tubes and a couple of tiny brushes.