Mini Gouache Paintings

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In my sketchbooks #3 GOUACHE

These days my drawing desk is filled with miniature gouache paintings, jewellery renderings. Some paintings are imaginary pieces that will probably never come to life, some are projects for @imaginarium atelier. It’s way to develop the rough pencil drawings scattered in my sketchbooks.

I feel lucky to still have access to my jewellery bench and being able to carry on working on a few commissions. Back home, I felt the need to go back to one of my unfinished projects. I decided to dig for those jewellery rendering sketchbook and keep creating. This project is kind of meditative because it requires all my attention.

It’s a nice challenge to try and reproduce the materials I work with at my jewellery bench. But mostly, it’s a way to dream bigger and open designs possibilities without the constraint of time and cost of material. All I need is a few sheets of grey or black paper, a dozen of gouache tubes and a couple of tiny brushes.