Twin ring, silver, black diamond eyes

Twin ring, silver, black diamond eyes

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Silver twin ring, oxidised with black diamond eyes

“Twin ring” , An atypical ring made of silver, with real black diamonds sparkly eyes

One of my quirky and mysterious pieces of jewellery. The shape of the 2 bodies has been carved by hand in wax and then made in silver using the lost wax casting process. I set the diamonds myself using traditional jewellery technique , each stone is safely set into the metal. The finish is mat and oxidised.

a nice and chunky ring with organic curves which make it really comfortable to wear.
for women or men.


I have always been passionnate about drawings and some of my jewellery designs are directly linked to my artwork. this ring is really unique and personnal because it hasn’t been created following a theme or a process it simply comes out of my imagination with no intention to become a ring a the beginning, it comes from a drawing.
I often make pieces of jewellery representing body or faces: It makes it more precious in a way because the piece seems to have a soul, like a child would cherish a toy, the jewellery becomes easily a sentimental object to keep forever.

Handmade item

Materials: silver, sterling silver, metal, diamonds

Ships worldwide from Brighton, United Kingdom



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