I developed a new concept called “Jewel-Objects” soon after graduating back in 2009. I had a desire to blend my two passions: jewellery and illustration and create something totally unique and playful. The intention here is to give life to a piece when it’s not being worn; the jewel itself is embedded in a small painted wooden sculpture and becomes the heart of a colourful world or supplies the missing fragment of the story…

I carve the wooden display (usually yew) and make the jewel (pendant, ring, brooch or earrings) fit in its centre. I then paint the display with acrylic and ink so the jewel and the illustration merge together. It’s a way to add context /meaning to a piece of jewellery. It also adds a sense of wonder and surprise when one comes to realise the secret hidden behind the colourful scene.

The most recent pieces are available in Imaginarium Atelier’s Shop  . Lots of the pieces pictured below have been made as commissions. Creating these unique pieces that have a true meaning for someone is truly rewarding and the possibilities are endless.

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Le Monde à l'envers #3, (Click for video)

Bespoke #1 : Brooch Jewel-Object / Commission – handmade personalised gift

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