Ordering bespoke jewellery / Special Gift / Commission process

Do you love wearing unique jewellery that no one else owns? Does jewellery hold a deeper meaning or sentimental value for you?

 If you are considering having a Bespoke piece made then how about getting in touch and visit me in my workshop for a chat? I’m based in Brighton (UK) but you don’t have to be!  If you can’t make it in person then email exchanges or a telephone conversation work absolutely fine…

I love working one-on-one with my clients to create the “perfect” piece of jewellery. It’s all about combining your personality with my vision and bringing to life a piece that tells your story and compliments your personal style.

My desire is to create something you will really cherish. My style influences come from art, illustration, nature… I like to create jewellery by playing with lots of different techniques, textures and colours. When I am designing a piece for you, all these elements inspire me, however, it’s really you that I am focusing on. It’s very much a collaborative process. 

You are considering ordering a bespoke piece and you are not sure where to start?

The following guide will help you imagine a brief so I can create the perfect gift for you or your loved one:

The story

First of all you need to decide of a theme or the story you want to tell. I can work from an anecdote, a shape, a stone, an animal, a passion,  a country, a season… The origins of a design can be virtually anything ! Think about the person’s personality, lifestyle, hobbies, career, interest, inspirations, taste, fashion style, colours…  You can provide any images that inspire you.


I’m trained and experienced as a jeweller, I create rings of all kinds, wedding bands, engagement rings*, pendants, bracelets and much more. I also love to work on small scale objects/sculptures, such as keepsake boxes* made of wood and silver, I have also made fun silver spoons* for christening presents… I like challenging work and I’m always open to creating something unusual!

A few years ago, I started making what I called “Jewel-objets” *. They make perfect presents, as they can really tell any stories! They combines three disciplines: jewellery, illustration and woodwork. The idea is to give life to a jewel when nobody is wearing it, the jewel can fit in a painted wooden scuplpture  and it becomes the heart of a colourful world or the missing fragment of the story.


There are so many beautiful gemstones available, each with their own unique story. She/He might have a favourite colour ? you can chose her/his birthstone? You could combine a few stones to represent each  members of a family?


Think outside the box!  I can use a small sentimental object or element by mounting it into a piece of jewellery, or incorporating it into a “Jewel-Objet” *  or Keepsake box …


I work in a lot of different metals such a silver, palladium, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold… Your budget may guide your choice of metal. You might want to choose a certain metal for its symbolic meaning, its colour, or durability .


If you have some old precious jewellery with sentimental value, I can transform it into something  more contemporary. I can also melt precious jewellery, re-use the metal to give a new life to outdated pieces and make something completely different that she/he will love wearing!

When you are ready for an initial discussion, I will help clarify things by sketching out a few ideas for you to respond to. Then, after further discussion, I will require a few days to put together a more complete selection of designs to be presented to you for consideration.
Once agreed upon, I will then calculate a cost for your choice and request a 50% deposit to begin making your piece.

Normally, four weeks are required for the making process . It can be shorter or longer depending on the commission. I will keep you updated on progress.
Finally, I will contact you to arrange final payment followed by either collection or delivery. (All work will be posted using Royal Mail Special delivery or Airsure. )


When you are ready to turn your idea into reality, do get in touch by email or telephone to start the discussion.

Bespoke #1 : Brooch Jewel-Object / Commission – handmade personalised gift

handmade silver broochlapiz-lazuli brooch


Here is my last commission, a brooch, handmade in silver, with lapis-lazuli and 18ct gold. It fits into a hand-painted wooden display.

This was a birthday present from a brother and sister to their mum, I created this design after a conversation with the birthday lady, she explained that she wanted a very special brooch made using some lapis-lazuli that belonged to her mother. She was after  something modern , organic and dynamic with leaves and weaving (one of her passion being willow basket making) .

I got quickly inspired with the brief and tried to draw what was already quiet clear in my mind, I wanted to play with all these elements and combine them together like an abstract painting. Playing with juxtaposition and layers, Positive/negative  spaces. Find the right balance and harmony with the dark blue  stones /flower /leaves/ weaving.

I wanted the wooden display to add something new to the brooch. On it’s own, the brooch has an abstract feel ( apart of the flower in the middle), when it sits in the middle of the painting it becomes the heart of a wild bouquet, the lapis-lazuli become petals, the leaves and the weaving flow  from the surface of the silver to the wood.


brooch drawings


I took a few picture of the work in progress. Here is a quick retrospective of the main steps : Cutting the base into silver sheet; Trimming and reshaping  the 5 lapis-lazuli ;  Creating all the different elements from scratch and soldering them together , cutting out the leaves ; making and fixing the pin on the back; oxidising; polishing, stone setting . Then comes the wood carving in a piece of yew and painting with acrylic and ink.


wip brooch

wip brooch 2

wip brooch3

wip brooch 4

wip brooch 5

brooch jewel-object

I hope you enjoyed discovering the evolution of this commission from the 1st sketches to the finished object.

Big Thanks to Jenny and Joanna for ordering this fun yet challenging  piece from me!

bespoke brooch

back brooch handmade pin


I love working from someone’s brief and create objects which will really match someone’s taste. Jewel-Object is a truly original present , it is made to order so the possibilities are endless to incorporate personal and meaningful messages into a unique present for a loved one.

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If you are interested in ordering a bespoke piece of jewellery or Jewel-Object, find out more on my website’s Bespoke page :


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Bespoke #2 – A unique Locket

This locket was a commission holding many secrets. The customer wrote down some anecdotes that had special meanings in her life, she wanted to have a locket made especially for her. It would hold pictures of her children with family members’ names and dates on the inside. I first did sketches with the shape of the locket I had in mind and a couple of illustrations translating her stories, these would be engraved on either side so the pendant would be reversible.

I enjoyed designing and making this piece very much because of the story hidden behind every aspect of the design. It is a very special experience to create a piece for someone who shared glimpses of her intimate life for me to translate into a unique piece.

This design is completely unique and handmade from scratch in sterling silver. Discover every step of the making process below.

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